I am an experienced public speaker who has spoken for audiences both large and small for 15 years.

In 2019, I completed the Michael Sokolin Public Speaking London course which further developed my speaking style to be far more authentic and personal.

The talks I have recently delivered in 2021 include:

  • August – Diversity Resource International
  • July – Sussex Partnership’s Nursing Conference
  • June – Orygen Global
  • May – The Stability Network
  • April – The Hearing Voices Network
  • March – The Forgiveness Project
  • February – Dataminr
  • January – Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

Testimonials from audience

  • “Jason, thanks for this talk.” – Hassan
  • “Jason great point regards the culture in London, I lived there for many years and experienced it first-hand.” – Cat
  • “Jason you are making some excellent points, thank you.” – Sharon 
  • “Great description of mental health and very helpful framing of the problem, many thanks.” – Adrian
  • “Really helpful Jason – great example from Glasgow as well.” – Matt

I am happy to have a conversation about speaking for your event/organisation.